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my ipod broke...well technically it's still working but i can't even see the screen so I plan on getting a new one.  So I'm gonna have to get my songs back since I've deleted most of my songs.
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002: middles

am i stuck between a reality and a dream?
hopeless naivety and harsh reality?
constraint and freedom?

squished between choices
roads that wind and narrow
and darken as i stare down the dark forest.

where does this one lead to?
stuck in the middle of the fork.
where do i go?

to my left, there is the future.
dark and unknown.
to my right, there is another future.
also equally dark and equally unknown.

am i to assume one is better than the other?
should i take one road alone?
or shall i take the road that i attempted to stumble across once
but keep ending up at the beginning fork.

an endless loop.
constantly in the middle.
of choices and decisions i should make.
which is right? what is wrong?
who is to decide?
can i trust myself?
where is left and right?
am i even in the middle?

this is the riddle of the girl stuck in the middle.